What our clients say

The food that does not have to be cut off is the honey because it contains a very high nutritional value, but the problem facing the consumer is always finding the original honey from other honey that may not contain the original nutritional value and buy it just waste money. This is what characterized by the healing company when I tried their products, Honey is genuine and guaranteed and thanks to God and found in it the usefulness for me and my family. Thank you in my name and in the name of my family. Mohammed Abdullah PhD student at the International Islamic University

--Mohammed Al-Jabri--

The Honey that I have bought from alshifaa is original and very effective. I was suffering from stomachache but when I used one teaspoon in empty stomach every morning I noticed that I am feeling very well. I really advise to try this product and you will like it then continue to buy this type of honey. Thank you

--Mohammed Ali--

Yemeni honey with high quality, natural touch and valuable for treatment. This is my personal experience and I thank alshifaa company is offering the best types of honey .. And God bless you Bushra Abdulaziz

--Bushra Abdulaziz--

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